The HOLASOL team: We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, consultants and electrical engineers, passionate in building businesses that are making a difference. Providing green and affordable energy solutions to households and businesses all over the world made us start HOLASOL.


Hannes Hoeppner

Hannes Hoeppner, our lead technician, started his career as an electrician apprentice back in the 80s. He became more and more concerned with the topiHOLASOL team: Hannes Hoeppnerc of solar energy production, got to know material and technology and planned initial plants in his hometown near Munich/Germany. In 1997, this led to becoming one of the first photovoltaic consultants in Germany. He is driven to help as many people as possible to realize their dreams of self-generated energy. Hannes has brought more than 3,500 solar systems to roofs all over Europe. These plants have been producing clean electricity for years now. As lead technician at the HOLASOL team, Hannes is able to carry out his dream – to bring solar energy to thousands of households – in the rest of the world. Sometimes he sits in his garden, very close to his office, looks into the sun and thinks he has done everything right.


Dr. Kerstin Barnikel

Dr. Kerstin Barnikel has been working since 1998 with established companies and internet startups to help them foster entrepreneurship and to coach and consult teams through the stages of growth. HOLASOL team: Kerstin BarnikelAfter obtaining her PhD in Organizational Psychology in 2006 as well as throughout her career as a consultant and coach, she helped many international companies to successfully overcome critical changes and make them ready for what comes in the future. Kerstin is passionate about solving challenges and helping people embrace change. Along with her strong believe in the necessity of growing companies that provide sustainability she is fascinated by the power of renewable energy – which led her to co-found HOLASOL. In her spare time Kerstin loves to explore the beautiful lakes and mountains of Patagonia with her husband and two daughters.


Dr. Michael Reinicke

After Dr. Michael Reinicke obtained his PhD more than 10 years ago, he quit the career in science and decided to dedicate his undivided attention to the internet startup Gaining substantial expertise in all areas of a young and rapidly growing company, Michael has been COO and guided the journey to market leadership and a successful exit. Having been part of the shared transport economy for many years, the opportunity to turn energy green by providing houses with an affordable alternative to burning fossil fuels has made Michael co-found HOLASOL. When he isn’t working on solar projects, you’ll find him doing sports; he enjoys trail-running and kite-surfing and has a passion for traveling across the world.


Markus Barnikel

Markus Barnikel made the best decision of his career when he quit the corporate world 17 years ago to join an internet Startup called Yahoo!. After working with awesome internet pioneers in Silicon Valley, Australia and Singapore he returned to his home country Germany as CEO of (mitfahrgelegenheit), the world´s largest ride sharing website. Under Markus’ leadership, the team has helped millions of drivers to cut emissions and to reduce the number of cars on our streets. Markus co-founded HOLASOL because he is passionate about green technologies that help reverse the effect of human activity on the environment; that is, when he is not finding a good excuse to leave the office and climb a mountain in his new home in Patagonia.


Jörg Morio

Jörg Morio is advising Global Sales and Marketing at HOLASOL, responsible for sales, marketing and customer service. Jörg has previously led international marketing and sales teams at companies such Wrigley, Campari and Kraft Foods amongst others. HOLASOL team: Kerstin BarnikelHe is making sure we can offer the best products at an affordable rate. Jörg is working on opening new markets for renewable energy and on keeping our existing customers happy. On weekends Jörg can be found playing soccer with his son or supporting his favorite club – FC Bayern Munich.