Steps for planning

Three steps for planning your solar system

1) Analyze the power consumption and choose the right size system for your business

Together with you we will produce a electricity consumption profile of your company to determine the viability of solar PV  and help you decide what size system is best for your business.

2) Legal requirements and the electricity tariffs of your company

The business case for investing in a solar PV system will depend on legal requirements and what electricity tariffs you pay today and in the future. We will work with you to plan ahead and choose the right system that complies with these requirements.

3) Choose the right technology, products and service

There is a diverse range of products on the market that vary in price and quality. The HOLASOL technicians have worked in the calculation, installation and service of solar power systems for over 20 years. It allows us to choose the most reliable and proven solar products for your business needs. We order and import directly from our manufacturing partners. This reduces cost and enables us to offer you affordable, high quality solar products.