6 Ways Your Company Will Benefit From Going Solar with HOLASOL

As the material cost of solar systems are decreasing and the electricity bills are rising photovoltaic systems are becoming an increasingly attractive way to save while going green. Here are 6 reasons why now is the right time to go solar:

1. Increase your savings

Electricity bills are one of the most expensive operating costs for businesses. Energy costs can be reduced by installing a solar power system as energy from the grid is replaced with solar power, improving savings on your overall monthly utility costs.

2. Reduce impact of power outages

The current utility grid relies on a steady input of fossil fuels to power it, making it more susceptible to interruption from natural disasters or overuse. Generating electricity on-site creates a stable energy source that powers buildings despite outages the grid may be experiencing, keeping solar powered facilities running smoothly. Technology is being developed to modernize the grid so that renewable energy resources can be distributed from a site producing too much power to a building that needs more, helping stabilize the grid and preventing over-taxation.

3. Decrease your carbon emissions

In 2015, Argentina amongst 195 countries came together in Paris to negotiate the Paris Agreement, which aims to lower global greenhouse gas emissions and hold the increase in the global average temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius. On a global scale, renewable energy plays a large role in reaching this target, and businesses can make a significant impact by making the commitment to go solar.

4. Hedge against rising and volatile energy costs

Utility rates are historically volatile and rising, which makes realistic budgeting for power extremely challenging over the long term. Installing a solar power system locks in your energy rate for over 20 years at a set cost so you can reduce exposure to price fluctuation and free up money to spend in other areas.

5. Personal satisfaction

More and more, employees want to work for a company whose practices they can stand behind. Because of this, corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a large role in a company’s recruiting efforts and ability to retain talent. A recent study revealed that 80% of respondents would prefer working for a company that has a good reputation for environmental responsibility. Implementing solar into an energy portfolio to reduce carbon emissions is one way companies can showcase their commitment and attract top talent.